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July 07, 2020


This message is to inform you that the GSU has reopened the grant applications which were temporarily suspended.  Effective immediately, all applications must be directed to

  • Professional Development Grant (PDG)

  • Professional Membership Grant (PMG)

  • Special Purpose Grant (SPG)


The processing time will typically be 3-4 weeks so please ensure that you plan ahead with this in mind. To minimize any potential back and forth communication that delays the process further, we highly recommend that a completed application package for PMG and PDG be submitted.  


Please ensure that you include the following,

  1. Completed Grant Application Form

  2. Proof of Payment

  3. Purchase Invoice OR Email Confirmation

  4. Direct Deposit Registration Status (if applicable)

  5. Copy of Void Cheque and Direct Deposit Form (Only if the previous point is applicable, but not already registered)


Lastly, please note that grant support is always subject to availability at the time of review due to limited funding and is not otherwise guaranteed.  Please ensure you have alternative means to cover any grant application costs in the rare case that your application is not approved.


Once again, we appreciate your patience and support during these challenging times.


For any questions, please contact

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June 24, 2020

GSU General Election 2020 Vote

Graduate Students' Union Voting System link:


The voting system link will be open at 8:00 PM (NST) on June 24, 2020 and allow you to place vote(s) for candidate(s). The vote will be closed at 3:59 PM (NST) on June 26, 2020.


Vote Soon!

June 18, 2020

GSU General Elections 2020 Q&A Session

Election season is upon us! Although we are disappointed to not have our Annual General Meeting this year, we are very excited to announce our first ever GSU Election Q&A session! This Q&A session will provide an opportunity for general members to ask GSU Executive candidates questions. The Q&A session will be on Wednesday, June 24 from 6-7 PM (NST). The meeting will be held through Cisco WebEx. Please email the Electoral Chair ( for the meeting link. Please share this announcement with your fellow graduate students. A critical part of this Q&A session is your participation!

May 27, 2020

GSU General Election 2020 Announcement

Dear Graduate Students,

The Graduate Student Union is announcing the 2020 GSU Election period. We thank you all for your patience as we worked on holding these elections during the pandemic. The GSU 2020 Elections will be held online. Nominations are open from June 10-17, and the nomination form can be found on the GSU website ( The campaign period (June 18-24, 2020 - if approved by the Electoral Committee) will conclude with an online Q&A period on Tuesday, June 24, in place of the Annual General Meeting. A link to the meeting will be sent later.


To help promote transparency and communication during this online election, we ask all general members to consider signing up for the GSU General Elections 2020 Brightspace ( This will allow candidates to share their campaign platforms with all general members. For more information, please refer to the attached poster and the GSU Website. All candidates are required to be familiar with the active version of the GSU constitution ( with special consideration given to 6.16. Election Guidelines in Extenuating Circumstances.


To find more details: GSUMUN Home> More> Election 2020

January 01, 2020

Aldrich Conference Postponed

Dear all,

As you may be aware, due to rapidly escalating health concerns of COVID-19, Memorial has the limitation on gathering events, "Non-essential gatherings and external events of more than 25 people should be cancelled or postponed." We regret to inform you the 2020 Aldrich Conference has been postponed. We are working on a possible later date for the conference and will send updates when clear information is available.  


The 2020 Aldrich Conference team reminds you: Wash your hands frequently, avoid crowded areas!

September 01, 2019

Canadian Federation of Students' 72nd AGM

Work report by representatives from Local 100. CLICK HERE

Plenary Agenda. CLICK HERE

Presentation by local 100. CLICK HERE

September 01, 2019

Copy Of -Canadian Federation of Students' 72nd AGM

Work report by representatives from Local 100. CLICK HERE

Plenary Agenda. CLICK HERE

Presentation by local 100. CLICK HERE

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