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The Executive, consisting of the Director of External Affairs and the Directors of Academic, Finance, Communications and Research, and Internal, is elected by the general membership of the Graduate Students' Union in March of each year. The Director of External Affairs is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Graduate Students' Union, including operating services and implementing campaigns and advocacy work.

The Director of External Affairs is an ex-officio member of all standing and ad-hoc committees of the GSU. Coordinating the actions of the academic and facility divisions of the Graduate Students' Union, the Director of External Affairs is one of the GSU's representatives on the University's Senate and Academic Council.  The Director of External Affairs guides and oversees the affairs of the GSU.

The Director of Academic deals with academic concerns facing graduate students. Assisting graduate students in academic disputes and other concerns, the Director of Academic also represents graduate students on University committees that deal with academic issues, and is repsonsible for recruiting new students to sit on various committees.

The Director of Finance is responsible for overseeing the financial affairs of the GSU. Managing all properties owned by the GSU, the Director of Finance is active in the University and local community as an advocate for additional student funding.

The Director of Communications and Research is involved in outreach and advocacy. Responsible for representing the GSU to administration, governments, and media, the Director of Communications liaises with other students' unions through the Canadian Federation of Students and its National Graduate Caucus, works on GSU campaigns, advises the Board of Directors on communication matters and is the primary spokesperson for the GSU.

The Director of Campus Life organises many of the social events held by the GSU, including GradFest, WinterFest, and Supervisors' Nights.  Interacting with clubs, societies, and resource centres at the University;the Director of Campus Life also oversees the GSU Excellence Awards.

The GSU Executive can be reached at the GSU office at (709) 864-4395.

Your GSU Interim Executive (May 01-July 22, 2020)

Executive Director Academic

Mohammad Zamanlou

Executive Director Finance

Pragadeesh Ravichandran

Executive Director Communications

Ratnajit Saha

Executive Director Campus Life

Victoria Kavanagh

Executive Director External Affairs

Mirza Jabbar Aziz Baig

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