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The Executive, consisting of the Director of External Affairs and the Directors of Academic, Finance, Communications and Research, and Internal, is elected by the general membership of the Graduate Students' Union in March of each year. The Director of External Affairs is responsible for the day-to-day activities of the Graduate Students' Union, including operating services and implementing campaigns and advocacy work.

The Director of External Affairs is an ex-officio member of all standing and ad-hoc committees of the GSU. Coordinating the actions of the academic and facility divisions of the Graduate Students' Union, the Director of External Affairs is one of the GSU's representatives on the University's Senate and Academic Council.  The Director of External Affairs guides and oversees the affairs of the GSU.

The Director of Academic deals with academic concerns facing graduate students. Assisting graduate students in academic disputes and other concerns, the Director of Academic also represents graduate students on University committees that deal with academic issues, and is repsonsible for recruiting new students to sit on various committees.

The Director of Finance is responsible for overseeing the financial affairs of the GSU. Managing all properties owned by the GSU, the Director of Finance is active in the University and local community as an advocate for additional student funding.

The Director of Communications and Research is involved in outreach and advocacy. Responsible for representing the GSU to administration, governments, and media, the Director of Communications liaises with other students' unions through the Canadian Federation of Students and its National Graduate Caucus, works on GSU campaigns, advises the Board of Directors on communication matters and is the primary spokesperson for the GSU.

The Director of Campus Life organises many of the social events held by the GSU, including GradFest, WinterFest, and Supervisors' Nights.  Interacting with clubs, societies, and resource centres at the University;the Director of Campus Life also oversees the GSU Excellence Awards.

The GSU Executive can be reached at the GSU office at (709) 864-4395.

Your GSU Executive 2019-2020

Executive Director External Affairs

Ms. Sarah Khalil

Hello Folks!

I am happy to greet all new and returning graduate students. Welcome to the great community of Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador (MUN)!

I am pleased to be your representative as the Executive Director of External Affairs at your Graduate Students' Union for this academic year.

As your Executive Director of External Affairs, I am passionately dedicated to advocating for you in all the university and governmental forums, working to preserve your rights and support you in all aspects on our different campuses. I will diligently work towards ensuring an inclusive community, where all of us feel at home. I am devoted to bringing the issues you face throughout your studies to the forefront and reflect your experience in our campaigns, which aim for a better quality education that is attainable for all of us, graduate students.

I am elevated to work with all of you towards achieving our ultimate goal, a better educational environment where all of us are equal.

I wish you all the success in your coming academic year and a wonderful time in our diverse community. Feel free to contact me at It will be great to hear from you, and I am available to have a chat about any concerns or suggestions you have.

I look forward to meeting you soon!


Sarah Khalil

Executive Director External Affairs

Executive Director Academic

Ms. Min Yang

Dear new and returning graduate students,
Welcome to Memorial University of Newfoundland! You are now part of a dynamic and
creative graduate student community. My name is Min Yang, and I am honored to serve you
as your Executive Director of Academic at the Graduate Students’ Union (GSU).
We are delighted to welcome you into the community that supports your academic success,
professional development, and personal wellbeing. By building connections between you
and School of Graduate Studies, we support you in your desire to advocate for your rights –
beyond the academic issues in your graduate degree program – as well as to your future
As your ED Academic, I encourage you to take advantage of GSU’s resources like seeking
consultation and assistance from us to solve your academic issues, and joining programs on
how to maintain good supervisor-student relationships. I invite you to participate in our
academic nights that will both help you forge your path and connect you with others from
different countries and disciplines. Besides, you will find additional resources to help you
succeed in your graduate studies. Workshops targeting thesis/article writing, seeking out
employment opportunities and mental health maintaining will be held.
I would like to wish you all the best in your studies at Memorial. We are here to make sure
that you will have the best possible experience and reach your maximum potential in your
field. We look forward to seeing you on campus. If you have any concerns, please do not
hesitate to contact me at


Min Yang

Executive Director Academic

Executive Director Finance:

Mr. Saeel Abbas

Hello Fellow Graduate Students,


Congratulations to the new graduate students and a very warm welcome to our returning students! It is my pleasure to represent our graduate student community as the Executive Director of Finance at the Graduate Students’ Union for the Academic Year 2019-2020.


As you might know, although a very enriching and fulfilling experience, the graduate journey can be challenging. This is where the GSU steps in. You will always find the Executive Council of GSU by your side in promoting your academic needs and a healthy and eventful student life. As your Executive Director of Finance, I will do my best to continuously campaign for graduate student funding and ensure the availability of financial support for students to effectively pursue their academic goals. I am furthermore committed to improving the real and perceived value of the School of Graduate Studies in the eyes of prospective employers by working with stakeholders to pursue efforts that promote the academic, cultural and social benefits attributed to Memorial’s School of Graduate Studies.


There are numerous activities and workshops organized by the GSU all over the year and I would encourage you to actively take part in these to get the most out of student life here at MUN. Student participation coupled with a competent and engaging Executive Council is the perfect recipe to enrich the graduate student experience.


I absolutely love meeting new people so feel free to catch me anytime in room GH-2002 or send me an email at! I would be glad to hear your suggestions and any improvements you wish to propose. I am excited to take this opportunity to make the graduate student experience amazing and inclusive for everyone!





Saeel Abbas

Executive Director of Finance

Office Hours:  Tuesday and Thursday (1:00 pm to 3:00 pm)

Executive Director Communications

Mr. Narendra Singh,


Hello fellow Graduate Students,
I am pleased to welcome all new and returning students to Memorial University of
Newfoundland for the 2019-2020 Academic Year. We are excited to have you on board. My
name is Narendra Singh, pursuing my Master’s in Environmental Systems Engineering and
Management and I am honored to represent you all as your Executive Director of
Communications in Graduate Student Union.
General members are the heart and soul of the union so, it is important that we reach out to
maximum members of the Union to provide accessible and inclusive services to our diverse
post graduate community. I will work along with rest of the executives and BOD’s to ensure
that the issues faced by graduate students are effectively communicated at required levels and
are resolved. The success of GSU campaigns and events depend on the involvement of general
members which can be improved through efficient communication between the union and
members. I will continue to work towards improving and expanding the role of GSU in
supporting our members and at large to our community. I will work under open door policy, so
please feel free to drop by my office (GH-2002) to provide any feedback on events/campaigns/
any concern and we will work on it.
To know more about GSU and its Events follow our social media accounts on Facebook
@GSUMUN, Twitter @GSUMUN and our website at



Narendra Singh

Executive Director of Communications

Executive Director Campus Life

Mr. Sabir Manzoor

Greetings folks,

My name is Sabir and I am currently doing my Masters degree in Electrical Engineering program. I feel honored to be a part of the graduate student union (GSU), and with great pleasure, I welcome you all to this wonderful institution. Being a part of GSU, I am serving to make our University life memorable and exciting. My main goal as an Executive Director of Campus life is to engage with everyone as much as possible and :

  • Encourage students to participate in group activities like social events for networking.

  • Provide a platform for the professional development of students.

  • Improve communication and coordination with the executives and students to make sure students are aware of the opportunities and activities on and off campus.

  • Promote sports and healthy activities on campus.

I would highly recommend everyone especially new coming graduate students to feel free reach out to me directly with all kinds of ideas/concerns and engage in activities organized by GSU. You are always welcome to pop into my office (Field Hall Room GH-2000, or else, I’ll be seeing you in our different events such as Fall and Winter Gradfest, Christmas, student awards ceremony, and other activities/workshops. Find out more about the GSU and activities on our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and GSU website. Please also don’t hesitate to contact me.



Sabir M

Executive Director, Campus Life

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