Health & Dental - Fall 2018

The Graduate Health and Dental insurance opt-out/opt-in period for the Winter 2018 semester is January 1st to January 18th 2018.


All new students are automatically enrolled in the GSU Health and Dental Plan.

Please note that as long as your student status doesn't change (you remain a full-time student), you will not need to opt-out again during your program. However, if you change your student status in any way (e.g. go from full-time to part-time and then again to full-time, take a leave of absence, or another situation that affects your full-time student status) you will need to contact the GSU.


To opt-out of the GSU health and dental plans please go to the GSU website and follow the link provided which will take you to the Green Shield Website.


Online Opt-out Steps:

-       Please click the Green Shield Canada here

-       From the drop-down menu select “Graduate Students’ Union of Memorial University of Newfoundland (GSU)”. This step is essential. We have had a lot of students incorrectly opt-out by selecting Grenfell Student Union, Marine Institute Student Union or Memorial University of Newfoundland Student Union (MUNSU).

-       Select “Opt-out” and follow through the steps. (You will be asked for your information, email, and alternative coverage information).

-       You will receive a confirmation code on the screen.

-       You will also receive a confirmation code to the email you provided.

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