Hello graduate students. GSU is currently looking for a CRO for the 2016-17 year. Anyone who is interetsed and has experience on elections is encouraged to send an email to communications@gsumun.ca with a resume.

The responsibilities of the CRO shall be as follows

- To receive nomination forms, announce candidates, publicize the election, announce the results and undertake any other duties required to carry out elections, by‐elections and/or referenda in accordance with the GSU Constitution, Bylaws and Electoral Policy.

- Informing members of the GSU of electoral results, through e‐mail to the general GSU List‐Serv immediately following the counting of the ballots, and by other means as deemed suitable by the Electoral Committee (including the GSU Website).

- Ensuring that candidates receive a copy of the GSU Constitution, Bylaws and Electoral Policy prior to the start of campaigning.

The CRO will be remunerated two hundred and fifty Canadian dollars ($250 CAD) for the Fall semester and five hundred Canadian dollars ($500 CAD) for the Winter semester.

Thanks kindly,

The Graduate Students' Union

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