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In the current climate of increasing health care costs, students on fixed incomes are particularly vulnerable. Each year, the costs of prescription drugs and basic health services take increasingly large portions out of limited student budgets. Postponement of necessary but expensive medical procedures can have disastrous consequences for students and even jeopardize the completion of their program.

Full-time graduate students are enrolled in these plans when they register, and fees are collected by the University in all three semesters. For an additional fee, students may extend the coverage to their partners, including same sex partners, and their dependent children.

The “Tips and Things to Remember” guide below provides a reminder to students of some common concerns and questions regarding the GSU Health and Dental Plan(s). It is important to be aware of deadlines related to the plan and of plan coverage.


Eligibility:  You must be a full-time registered MUN graduate student to be eligible for the GSU Health and Dental Plan(s). All full time graduate students (including international students that have opted out of the ISA health insurance) are automatically added to the GSU Health and Dental Plan(s) UNLESS they submit an Opt Out form (and supporting documentation) before the Opt Out deadline in a given semester.

Insurance Card:  Please note that you will NOT receive an insurance card, or insurance policy, in the mail. You can personalize and print you own insurance card and download a benefit booklet by visiting the Green Shield online student services website.

Go to: Green Shield Canada Student Centre

1) Select your school and student union (Memorial University of Newfoundland and GSU).

2) On the top of the page select the “What you need” tab and select “My ID card”.

3) You can then select the option “Create my ID card

4) Fill in your name and Green Shield member number (GSU[your MUN student number]-00). If you have family insurance you can fill in your dependent’s information on the back of the card.

5) You can then print your card.

Alternative Coverage: Opt outs must include proof of existing coverage. If coverage extends past age 25 you must provide proof once again. For acceptable alternate coverage documentation please see the “Forms, Cards and Benefits” section.

One Time Opt Out: Since Fall 2005 students need to opt-out only once during their program of study. EXCEPT if your student status changes (i.e. if you change to part-time, take a leave of absence, etc) during your program, in this situation you will need to contact us before the deadline in a given semester about opting out OR opting in if/when you become a full-time student again.

Opt Out/Opt In Deadline: The opt-out and opt-in deadline for Fall 2014 is Wednesday, September 24th 2014.

To Opt In to the Health and Dental Plan(s): Full-time students need to fill in an Opt In form in order to be added to the plan in a semester beyond your first. Paying any health and dental fees showing on your account without contacting us is not sufficient.

International students: Full-time international students have the option to opt in to the GSU Health plan by opting out of the Emergency Health Plan provided by MUN's International Student Advising Office (ISA). You will also need to apply and receive the free basic provincial health coverage (MCP) in order to opt out of the ISA Emergency Health Plan and opt in to the GSU Health Plan. Please note that the ISA has their own opt-out procedures. For more information, please contact the ISA office: (709) 864-8895 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; or check their website.

Travelling Abroad: Your benefits include emergency travel insurance for trips lasting up to 60 days, provided by ETFS/Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada (Please see page 23-24 of your Benefits Booklet ). Out of the country trips longer than 60 days, you must contact the GSU to discuss your options.

**Due to restrictions on the MCP out-of-province coverage, international graduate students that are required to travel outside of the province of study for periods longer than 30 days must contact the GSU.**

Family Coverage: Family members can be added to your coverage annually during the Fall semester registration or, in the first semester of your studies. Please check the FAQs.

Status or Name Changes: You must notify the GSU for status (international student, permanent resident, Canadian citizen) or name changes. We do not automatically have this information.

Part-time students: Are NOT eligible for the GSU Health and Dental plans.

Periods of coverage:

Fall 2014: Begins September 1st, 2014 and ends on December 31st, 2014.

Winter 2015: Begins January 1st, 2015 and ends on April 30th, 2015.

Spring/Summer 2015: Begins May 1st, 2015 and ends on August 31st, 2015.

If you are a new graduate student or have recently rejoined the plan, please remember that although you are also covered for the above periods, it takes 5-6 weeks for Green Shield to have all the new student information. Until the opt-out deadline passes, keep your receipts for reimbursement. Shortly after that time, you should be able to avail of direct billing for most services.

Important Links

1. GSU Health and Dental Card

2. Policy number AND how to fill out the claim forms

3. Opt-Out Form, Individual and Family Opt In Forms

Quick links and info

1. For general health information, a 24-hour daily phone service:

Newfoundland and Labrador HealthLine, toll-free 1-888-709-2929

2. List of physicians in St. John's accepting new patients (telephone recording):

Phone the Department of Health and Community Services, (709) 729-4984

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