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March 21-23, 2014

For over a decade the Graduate Students’ Union and the School of Graduate Studies have hosted the Aldrich Interdisciplinary Conference. The Aldrich offers graduate students the opportunity to gain valuable presentation experience while networking with other graduate students across the country in an informal setting.

Interdisciplinary conferences such as this one offer academics the chance to engage with colleagues from different disciplines, thus encouraging broadly accessible approaches to research. With this vision in mind, we have attempted to make the Aldrich Interdisciplinary Conference an ideal forum for graduate students to re-examine the way that we, as scholars, approach not only our own research questions, but also the creation and dissemination of knowledge.


The Graduate Students' Union is excited to announce that we will be offering prizes at this year's Aldrich Conference in partnership with the MUN frameworks. Abstract submissions must highlight this year’s theme of BREAKING DOWN BARRIERS. Submissions will be reviewed and categorized into 3 frameworks: Teaching and Learning, Public Engagement and Research.

The prizes for the 2014 Aldrich Conference are:

$1000 Conference Credit from The Office of the Provost and Vice President (Teaching and Learning)

$1000 Credit Memorial Computer Purchasing Centre (Public Engagement)

$1000 Conference Credit from The Vice-President (Research)

Teaching and Learning

Abstracts that explore aspects of the paradigm shift that is currently underway in university level teaching and learning will be placed into this stream. In particular topics that support the principals of Memorial University’s Teaching and Learning Framework or analyze current issues arising from a new emphasis on post-secondary teaching and learning. Presentations may describe lessons or experiences encountered as a teacher or student while studying at Memorial; a novel approach to teaching and learning; a specific project; provide an analysis of factors that are driving the multitude of teaching and learning initiatives currently underway at universities around the world; or identifying a gap and potential solutions to a problem you have encountered as a teacher or student.

Public Engagement

Memorial is a leader in public engagement, and grad students are a big part of that success. Public engagement presentations will describe public engagement experiences at Memorial. We define public engagement as activity (research or teaching/learning) that involves a partnership with someone outside the university, and that is related to your academic course of studies. It could be anything from a collaborative research project with a community group, to an internship or co-op. For more information about public engagement at Memorial, check This theme aims to build on Memorial University’s Public Engagement Framework, which we invite you to learn more about.


This stream will include any research in progress or recent research findings. Please take time to consider how to make your research understandable to people outside your discipline. The presentations in this stream will be judged based off of Memorial University’s Research Strategy Framework. To better understand our university’s vision for research and the related goals and objectives please check out