VP Internal

My name is Sepideh Gorjizadeh, and I am a master student in Education. I am the VP Internal of the GSU in 2014-2015, and it is my pleasure to take this opportunity to serve our diverse graduate students. As the VPI, I am responsible for planning, organizing and executing the proposed and existing events, such as Grad Festivals, and Orientations. The VP Internal also acts as a representative of the graduate students, clubs and societies, as well as ratifying and advising the clubs and societies in order to ensure students enrichment.

One of my goals is to keep clubs and societies involved with the GSU through constant collaboration. To be an integral part of our bigger community, i.e. our university, we as students need to be engaged, and students’ engagement happens through a careful need analysis. I am interested to know more about what students’ needs and interests are, and try to negotiate, plan and organize events and activities to provide students with a variety of learning experiences accordingly.

I also strongly believe that we as graduate students need a stronger network in order to be able to share our interests and make better relations in our university as well as with other universities.

At Memorial, we are blessed with having a diverse population of students, and I will try my best to include everyone with different cultures, languages, genders, races, beliefs and points of view through activities and events.

Upcoming Events

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